Two-day trip to Assy table-land and Turgen gorge with a waterfall

Highlights: stunning panoramic view of Assy table-land with real nomad camps, a real functioning mountain Space Observatory, admirable waterfall and forests

Season: April — November

Duration: 2 days, one night

Dear passengers, welcome aboard! Tight your seat-belts cause we are going to one of the most beautiful places near Almaty. It’s Turgen gorge. Hot springs, trout farm, waterfalls, gorgeous forests with permafrost and moss, alpine meadows, berries, bla-bla-bla. You’ve got the idea. So you will have a chance to touch it while hiking to the great waterfall that is in the end of our first day trip. The Turgen River is so stormy and abundant that it even hosts rafting competition. After such an active day we will enjoy a quite night at Assy table-land. Just imagine kilometers of grass between mountains. It’s a perfect place for stars watching and camping. The real nomads who tend their cattle here now as centuries ago, probably, think the same. If you ever had typed «Kazakhstan» in Google-searcher you saw all these grassy fields with yurts and horses. That’s it. Welcome to the world from post-cards. The difference is that it is real with all its smells, sounds, fresh wind, bright stars, and blossoming flowers. The next day we will ride along Assy so you can see it in full. And finally we will come to a real Space Observatory. Can you imagine the astronomers watching Solar system’s planets just among the mountains with not even a single settlement except some yurts of nomads? 


1st day

Departure: 8 a. m.

This day we’ll go to the Turgen Gorge and will hike 4 km there and 4 km back to see a beautiful Turgen waterfall.

There will be a lunch during the day.

Till the evening we’ll ride up to Assy table-land where we’ll have supper and a night-stay in tents.


2nd day

After breakfast we’ll move along Assy with stops for walking, resting, playing games and relaxing.

We’ll have a dinner break at around 1 p. m.

A panoramic view to the table-land and a stop at the Space Observatory.

Then we’ll come back to the city and return close to 6 p. m.

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, national park tickets, coffee and snacks, food at the camp.

What’s not included: renting hiking quip, personal stuff.

• Recommended to bring: sneakers or boots with a good grip, hiking sticks, shades, hat, sunscreen, raincoat, swimming suit.

• We will have 3 meals during the day.


+ You can ask for a telescope before a trip (we have a portable one) to watch stars and Moon.


Number of persons/price

1 — 400$
2 — 180$
3 — 150$
4 — 140$
5 — 120$
6 — 100$

Take a two-day trip to Assy table-land and Turgen gorge with a waterfall


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