Two-day trip to Altyn Emel

Highlights: sliding down the sand hill, lava mountains, 1000 years old tree

Season: all year round.

Duration: 2 days, one night

Since you are in Kazakhstan, probably you are interested in all this «Central Asian stuff» like Great Silk Way, desert, nomads or… singing sand. Is it really sand? Yes, it is. Does it really sing? Definitely. After serious scientific research we can assure you — the Singing Dune can peep; sound like a pipe organ or even roar — depending on wind strength and amount of sand grains rubbing each other. Just don’t ask locals about it, or you will hear about the devil sleeping under the Dune and sighing when somebody bothers him, or about Genghis Khan grave hidden under the sand. And now we are coming to a point that you have never ever tried in your life — sliding down from the sand hill on snow saucers! Let’s mix exploration and fun with us! Are you ready to spend a night in the middle of the Great Steppe? The starts look particularly bright here. Did we mention that the national park has the area of 520 thousand hectares?  The second day will be devoted to observation of super-unique Aktau mountains (made of clay and cut to canyons by tremendous nature forces) and volcanic Katutau Mountains. The hidden volcanic craters, lava floods and volcanic ash look like a surrealistic space landscape today. May us congratulate you: after all this you are a real modern nomad!  

Departure: 8 a. m.

Lunch stop at local canteen at noon.

The 1st day program includes visiting Singing Dunes, sliding down the hill of the sand dune on snow saucers.

Overnight stay in the guesthouse.

The 2nd day starts with breakfast then visiting the Aktau and Katutau Mountains and a 1000 years old tree.  

Departure: 7 p. m. 

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, national park tickets, coffee and snacks, stay in the guesthouse, food in the guesthouse.

What’s not included: food in the canteens (you pay what you eat), renting hiking quip, personal stuff.

+ You can ask for a telescope before a trip (we have a portable one) to watch stars and Moon.


Number of persons/price

1 — 490$
2 — 240$
3 — 190$
4 — 190$
5 — 150$
6 — 130$


Take 2-day trip to Altyn Emel


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