6-hours City Tour “The best Almaty places”

Highlights: main places of interest in the city, historical sites, fresh air in the mountains, the highest mountain ice-ring, panoramic view of the city from Koktobe Mountain, delicious dinner in an Eastern cuisine restaurant

Season: all year round

Duration: 6 hours

Do you know the difference between a «ta-da» moment and an «uh-oh» moment? «Ta-da» is when you see the biggest high-mountain ice-ring in the world and «uh-oh» is when you understand that «The best Almaty places» excursion is over. The consolatory news is that an «uh-oh» moment will come after 6 hours of active and interesting city exploring. So you will see the main city parks with hidden treasures (as a unique wooden Orthodox Church and Museum of Musical Instruments) and the Central Green Bazaar (which successfully meets needs of both «bread and circuses»). But that’s just a top of the iceberg. We’ll ascend to the mountains and watch a famous Medeu ice-ring with the largest artificial ice-coverage that is 10.5 thousand sq. m. We will breathe a fresh mountain air (while the poor citizens are jealous with us in their offices) and have a walk. You can even reach the dam’s top by taxi (842 steps is a good idea for sky-running but not for relaxing, isn’t it?). The fresh air makes feel hunger, so we will reply to it by a delicious dinner in one of Eastern-cuisine restaurants of the city. And finally you will see a marvelous panoramic view of Almaty from Koktobe Mountain. It has its own nice tips but let’s not mention them beforehand. Finally we will use a cable way to magically appear back in the middle of city life. Not so bad for just a one day, ah?


Departure: 10 a. m.

We will start with 28 Heroes Panfilovtsev Park where we visit the Orthodox Church, Fame Memorial, and walk along the valleys.

Then we will move to the Green Bazaar where you can feel the mood of a real Asian market.

After it we will ascend to Medeu ice-ring (looking at the Old and New Squares, Independence Monument, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Academy of Sciences, Abay Square and «Kazakhstan Hotel» on the way).  

Here we will have a walk in the mountains. If you wish you can hire a taxi to go to the dam’s top.

At 1 p. m. we will return to the city to have a dinner in an Eastern cuisine restaurant.  

After the dinner we will go to Koktobe Mountain where we will see a panoramic view of the city and have some time walking and enjoying the day.

Finally we will go down by a cable way.

You will be at the hotel at around 4 p. m. On the way back we will pass over Sport Palace, Central Stadium, Drama Theatre, Almaty Towers, Nurly Tau Business Center and Essentai Mall.


What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, dinner at a restaurant, cable way ride.


What’s not included: a taxi to Medeu dam. 


Number of persons/price

1 — 170$
2 — 80$
3 — 60$
4 — 60$
5 — 35$
6 — 35$


Take a 6-hour City Tour in Almaty


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