Helicopter tour “Natural treasures of Semirechye”

Highlights: three must-seen places of Almaty Region during 6 hours, amazing views, unforgettable experience

Season: April — November 

Duration: 6 hours (3 hours of helicopter flying)

You planned to visit all the must-see places of Almaty like Kolsai Lakes, Charyn Canyon, Singing Dune but you run out of time? Or you just don’t want to spend hours in cars and prefer to save your time for something more important? There’s one perfect option — to reach all these places during one day by a helicopter. Sounds really tasty! A helicopter flight has its obvious advantages. You will see the entire region from height. We will not try to explain you the beauty of these views, they are just amazing. But in addition to this unforgettable experience you will visit two Kolsai Lakes and have some time there for walking and resting. A helicopter will bring you from a city rush to calm and incent nature. After forest impressions you will find yourself in Charyn Canyon where you can walk among the arabesque rocks formed centuries ago. The next stop will finally bring us to the famous Singing Dune where you can turn into nomads resting among Asian sands and peacefully listening to the music of steppe. Have you ever tried to switch between city life, forest dream, canyon rocks and sandy steppe during one day? That’s the main idea of our journey.

Departure: 9 a. m.

We will arrive to a helicopter site in Big Almaty valley. Here you will be prepared to the flight, given safety training and learn how to act in a helicopter cabin.

Then we will reach two Kolsai Lakes and have a 40-minutes stop here to walk and watch the nature beauty.

The next direction will be Charyn Canyon with 1 hour stop to walk down the Canyon and wander between its walls.

The last stop will be at the Ili River. Here we will have 1 hour 30 minutes to listen to Singing Dune and have a rest.

We will have coffee breaks and a dinner during the journey.

After landing you will return to the hotel at around 5.30 p. m.    

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, helicopter flight with a professional pilot, national parks tickets, coffee breaks and a dinner.

What’s not included: renting hiking quip, personal stuff.


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