Helicopter tour “Breath of glaciers”

Highlights: bird’s eye amazing views of mountain and glaciers, cool photos, never forgettable experience

Season: all year round

Duration: 3 hours (1 hour of helicopter flying)


An opportunity to reach the point where the whole world is plane to see requires from climbers years of training, organizing expensive expeditions and hours of hard working climbing. But! You can feel the same! With no training, no wasting money and time — by a helicopter. Almaty mountains are just gorgeous — with all their glaciers, peaks and lakes. You will seat in a helicopter cabin and feel yourself extremely tiny among all these nature giants. All these sites like Big Almaty Lake, Space Station, Kungei Alatau Ridge, TsDKA, Bogatyr and even Talgar peaks will become not just closer. They will show you all their hidden beauty that can be seen only from a distance. It’s something worth telling to your friends at the next party, isn’t it? 

Departure: 9.30 a. m.

We will arrive to a helicopter site in the Big Almaty valley. Here you will be prepared for a flight, have safety training and learn how to act in a helicopter cabin.

Then you will have an hour in the air when you see the Big Almaty Lake, Space Station, TsDKA Peak, Kungei Alatau Ridge, Bogatyr and Talgar Peaks.

Then after a helicopter landing you will return to your hotel at around 1 p. m.

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, helicopter flight with a professional pilot.

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