Day trip to petroglyphs of Tanbaly Tass (World Heritage)

Highlights: more than 4000 rock carvings of the ancient time, beautiful steppe, shaman dances

Season: April — November

Duration: 10 hours

Modern life, city jungles, gadgets and Internet — are you not tired of all this? Seems like we are living on another planet comparing with old times. But the history is not as far as it looks like. You need just move 170 km from Almaty to find the signs of civilization that are 3500 years old. What is it? It’s nearly 4000 petroglyphs showing the life of our ancestors. Ritualistic sacrifices, coming-of-age ceremony, archery, horse riding. Can you imagine Kazakh steppe inhabited by cheetahs, deers, tigers, bisons or maybe snowwomtn or sun-headed people? According to the carvings it was exactly like this. If you think that shaman times are over, you are mistaken. We will visit Ungurtas sanctuary. The locals believe that it is an enormous energetic place and come here «to be recharged» from the Earth and Space. The tutelary of this place Bifatima-apa lives in the village. If you wish we can visit her to be blessed or answered your question. If not, we can make a shaman ritual by ourselves playing tambourine, dancing and having fun. Let’s get our juices flowing!       

Departure: 9 a. m.

We will stop at 10 a. m. at the gas station where you can drink a cup of coffee.

At 12 a. m. we will arrive at Tanbaly Tass

After visiting the largest galleries of petroglyphs we will have a lunch.

Then we will move to Ungurtas sanctuary. Here we will walk to the cave and visit the shaman if you wish.

We will return to the city at around 7 p. m.

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, national park tickets, coffee and snacks.

What’s not included: food in the canteens (you pay what you eat), renting hiking quip, personal stuff.


Number of persons/price

1 — 260$
2 — 140$
3 — 125$
4 — 100$
5 — 80$
6 — 70$

Take a day trip to petroglyphs of Tanbaly Tass


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