Day trip to Ili River and carved rocks of Tamgaly Tass

Highlights: views of Kapchagay Lake, hiking along Ili River, nomad city built for the “Nomad” movie, old stone carvings, picnic near the River

Season: April — November

Duration: 10 hours

One world describing the day along the third biggest river in Kazakhstan, beautiful views of the steppe and canyons must be «amazing»! You will be watching breathtaking views on the banks. The steppe has lots of pretty things to see. Starting from nice Kapchagay Lake, fantastic rocks and nomad castles to stone Buddhism carvings made 900 years ago. We’ll follow the river for three hours and at the end of our trip we will have a break at its banks. Tamgaly Tass is a perfect place for walking and even climbing. And of course of having fun near fresh river. It has a special meaning if the day is hot. Genghis Khan’s army was passing exactly here on its way to the South from Mongolia. So the place is full of different memories. Let’s add your memories to its history!


Departure: 9 a. m.

We will arrive to Kapchagay Lake at 10.30 a. m. Here you will start hiking adventure to Ili River.

Till 2 p. m. we will sail down till Tamgaly Tass passing by beautiful rocks and canyons.

At Tamgaly Tass we will have a picnic and time for walking, swimming and watching Buddhism carvings of the 12th century.

We will be back to city at around 7 p. m.        


What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, coffee and snacks.

What’s not included: food in the canteens (you pay what you eat), personal stuff.


Number of persons/price

1 — 260$
2 — 140$
3 — 125$
4 — 100$
5 — 80$
6 — 70$

Take a 1-day trip to Ili river


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