Day trip to Eliksai Ski Center

Highlights: skiing in a little private ski center with 3 black slopes, fresh air, beautiful views; in the case of 2 days – staying in the country house with Russian banya (sauna), snow jumping after banya

Season: end of November — beginning of April

Duration: 12 hours (maybe extended to 2 days)

Are you a skier or a snowboarder? Have you already tried Shymbulak and still want some new experience? We have one special decision for you! Eliksai ski center is located a little bit further from the city but… the forest is really fresh and virgin (no snowcats or ratracks, no carving slopes, no rules also). The center exists from the early 90-th so it has a cool old-school mood with wooden cabins among trees, T-bar lift, three black slopes and barbecue in the wild. One more pleasant point is the price of the ski-lift that is three times cheaper than at Shymbulak. Those ones who would stay for one more day will extend this «into the wild» experience with Russian banya (sauna). Yes, we jump… into the snow after banya’s heat… naked. And we strongly recommend you to join us — you are guaranteed to have a new health and spirit’s pep after it!

1 day

Departure: 8 a. m.

We will arrive to Eliksai at about 10 a. m.

The T-bar lift is available till 5 p. m.

We will have a break for a snack at noon, but you can also take any food you wish with you (there is no café at the slope).

We will be back in the city at 7 p. m.    

2 days  

In the case of 2-days trip we will stay for a night at the guest house. 

There is a kitchen and a veranda there, so you can cook anything you wish.

In the evening we will have Russian banya, snow jumping (if you feel like), table games playing, etc.

The next morning we will continue skiing and snowboarding and return to the city at 7 p. m.

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, coffee and snacks (1 day); staying in the country house, Russian banya (2 days).

What’s not included: food at the slope (you eat what you bring), ski and snowboard equipment, ski pass, personal stuff.


Number of persons/price

1 — 100$
2 — 60$
3 — 50$
4 — 50$
5 — 40$
6 — 40$

Take a day trip to Eliksai Ski Center


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