Day trip to Big Almaty Lake

Highlights: fresh mountain air, panoramic views of the lake, short hike to Soviet Union heritage Space Observation Station

Season: all year round

Duration: 6 hours

Almaty citizens are very lucky to have mountains in one hour ride from home. And we are also ready to share this luck with you. This time our destination is Big Almaty Lake. Imagine yourself riding up to the mountains along the perfect road (so nothing like pounding will disturb you while watching beautiful landscapes from the window). After sometime you will find yourself in the middle of a valley surrounded by the mountains. And the Lake is exactly here — resting calmly encircled by the mountain crown. A nice tip is that is changes its color depending the weather and season condition from tender green to deep turquoise. It’s time to stretch your legs and hike to the observatory that is a view point to observe the lake. And how about the picnic with a panoramic view to the Lake and high peaks? Hmmm, the fresh air is as delicious as a hot coffee cup in your hands.     

Departure: 8 a. m.

Hike to the Observatory. Picnic with panoramic view of the Lake.

Back home by 4 p. m.

What’s included: pick up from your hotel, transfers, driver, guide, national park tickets, coffee and snacks, picnic.

What’s not included: renting hiking quip, personal stuff.


Number of persons/price

1 — 130$
2 — 65$
3 — 40$
4 — 30$
5 — 25$
6 — 20$

Take a day trip to Big Almaty lake


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